About Tiffany Eddy & Associates

Tiffany Eddy & Associates is an award-winning agency that specializes in strategic communication, crisis management, media training and public relations. We are professional storytellers who excel in generating positive press for our clients and proactively communicating critical messages with key stakeholders. As an agency, Tiffany Eddy & Associates has worked with a variety of industries and agencies, including the New Hampshire Department of Transportation, presidential campaigns as well as banks, national energy firms, higher education and museums.

About Tiffany Eddy

Tiffany Eddy is a communications specialist who is responsible for the development and execution of strategic communications for all clients.

She spent nearly two decades as a broadcast journalist, focused on taking complex issues and synthesizing them into understandable concepts for a large audience. Tiffany has been honored with the prestigious Edward R. Murrow Award, is a three-time Emmy nominee and her work has been recognized for excellence by two New Hampshire Governors.

Tiffany now works with clients on multiple platforms to assess their specific needs and then execute the best plan to communicate their message.