Tiffany Eddy & Associates - Powerful Storytelling.
Over the years, we have helped numerous businesses, organizations and individuals tell their unique stories. Here is a sampling of some of the stories we've helped craft into powerful communications.

Chelsea Fuller "Get to Where You're Going"
Seven years ago 17-year-old Chelsea Fuller was killed in a crash. She was ejected from the vehicle she was driving when it crashed. She was not wearing a seatbelt. It could have saved her life. Seven years after her death, Chelsea's closest friends gathered to remember her and discuss with her family where they think she'd be today if she was still alive.

Losing Michael Phelps; The Deadly Consequences of Distracted Driving
This emotional video shows the devastating consequences of distracted driving from the perspective of a family who lost their loved one and the person who was responsible for the deadly crash. This video was unveiled at the New Hampshire Highway Safety Conference.

Don't Text and Drive Phelps 60
A sixty-second PSA on the deadly consequences of distracted driving.

Don't Text and Drive Phelps 30
A thirty second PSA that demonstrates the devastating consequences of distracted driving.

JDRF Fundraiser 2017
This video tells the story of the Shaheen Family who has been dealing with Type 1 Diabetes for ten years. Their goal, along with the goal JDRF is to make a difference for those who suffer from diabetes and to work to find a cure.

Driving Toward Zero Chad Belleview
Chad Belleview caused a serious accident because he was reading text messages from his girlfriend. Today he is in prison for causing the crash that changed many lives forever.

Driving Towards Zero Marilyn Bachman
This video demonstrates the importance of protecting our children and shows how trauma suffered during childhood can have a lifelong impact.

Hands-Free NH - DW Flanders
DW Flanders was just seventeen-years-old, riding in the backseat of his parents car when another driver struck them and left DW critically injured. This video shows the dangerous consequences of driving distracted and the real-world impact it can cause.

Child Advocacy Fundraiser
This video demonstrates the importance of protecting our children and shows how trauma suffered during childhood can have a lifelong impact.

Nanocomp Technologies
Lifesaving technology. How Nanocomp Technologies is saving lives and changing the way we view protective material through nanofibers.

USNH Workforce Development
Business leaders discuss the importance of investing in our future workforce and how the University System of New Hampshire can help.

Kohls and CHaD
This video was produced for Kohls and Dartmouth Hitchcock to educate parents on the importance of anchoring furniture and TV's to the walls, in order to protect children.

Tiffany Eddy
Tiffany Eddy's first-ever attempt at speaking on-camera. Contrasted with professional clips from over a decade later. Practice pays off!

Tiffany Eddy shares the progress of two patients of the Children's Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock. The families' journeys are different, but CHaD makes a positive difference for both.