Many New Hampshire charities have been hit hard by the COVID crisis. Fortunately, charities across New Hampshire have continued to benefit from revenues generated through charitable gaming. Now more than ever, charities are relying on these funds to deliver critical services to our friends and neighbors and some of New Hampshire’s most vulnerable populations.

This year, the Legislature will consider legislation to create a limited expansion of charitable gaming, through the addition of Historic Horse Racing electronic games. These games are based on pari-mutuel wagering, which is currently permitted in New Hampshire, and builds on the types of electronic games also permitted in New Hampshire, such as Keno, electronic pari-mutuel racing, sportsbook and Lucky 7. This will create much-needed revenue for New Hampshire charities, and expand the number of participating charities. It will also provide critical dollars for our state to support education funding.

Please join our charities and their charitable gaming operators in supporting legislation for Historic Horse Racing. Our charities need your support so they can continue their important work serving the people of our state, and New Hampshire very much needs the additional support for education.

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